AbolerIS Pharma Announces €27 Million in Series A Financing to Advance its Novel Treatment Paradigm for Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Financing round led by Caixa Capital Risc and co-led by Sound Bioventures and existing investor Newton Biocapital. AbolerIS is developing a first-in-class drug inducing an immune tolerance-based mechanism that acts upstream of current anti-inflammatory standard of care drugs in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Proceeds will be used to advance lead monoclonal antibody into clinical trials.

Gosselies, Belgium, September 18, 2023: AbolerIS Pharma (“AbolerIS”), a Belgian biopharmaceutical company developing an entirely novel approach to the treatment of chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, today announced a €27.3 million Series A financing led by Caixa Capital Risc and co-led by Sound Bioventures and existing investor Newton Biocapital with participation from SFPI-FPIM, WE (Wallonie Entreprendre), Sambrinvest, Investsud Tech, and Relyens Innovation Santé/Turenne Capital. Proceeds from the financing will enable AbolerIS to accelerate the development of its lead program in clinical trials and explore its effectiveness in additional autoimmune diseases.

AbolerIS’ lead program is a monoclonal antibody against CD45RC, a novel molecular target expressed on a subset of T cells that acts upstream of anti-inflammatory cytokine effectors by eliminating autoreactive effector T cells, increasing the relative ratio of regulatory T cells (Tregs), sparing memory T cells, and inducing immune tolerance. It has the potential for being a first-in-class molecule addressing the needs of a significant number of rheumatoid arthritis patients, refractory to the current standard of care treatment (anti-TNFs), which is a multi-billion dollar franchise. AbolerIS’ therapeutic strategy is to rebalance the immune system and prevent it from attacking the body’s own cells, which are at the root of multiple chronic autoimmune diseases.

Central to AbolerIS’ innovation lies the pioneering work of co-founders, Dr. Ignacio Anegon, M.D. (Director of Research INSERM), and Dr. Carole Guillonneau, PhD (Director of Research CNRS), both researchers in the Center of Research in Transplantation and Translational Immunology (CR2TI) UMR1064 INSERM/University of Nantes located at the Nantes University Hospital. Their collaborative efforts uncovered CD45RC as a novel target for immune modulation.

Dr. Ignacio Anegon, M.D., and Dr. Carole Guillonneau, PhD, Co-Founders of AbolerIS Pharma said: “By targeting pathogenic CD45RC-expressing cells and harnessing the power of regulatory T cells, this therapy aims to restore immune balance and target the underlying causes of these diseases, offering the hope of long-lasting remission and a reduced reliance on immune-suppressing medications.”

Pablo Cironi, PhD, Director of Caixa Capital Risc said: “AbolerIS’ promise lies in the novelty of its scientific approach targeting the holy grail of “immune tolerance” in rebalancing the immune system, and its potential to establish a new standard of care in the underserved patient population in rheumatoid arthritis and a broader set of chronic autoimmune diseases. With an exceptional team of reputable scientific founders with decades of experience in basic and translational immunology, and a strong leadership team of experienced biotech leaders and clinical experts, we believe there is a clear path for AbolerIS Pharma to have a transformational impact in the field.”

Caroline Thielen, PhD, Investment Manager at WE Life Sciences said: “We are thrilled to support AbolerIS in its mission to bring new and improved treatments to patients suffering from severe autoimmune disorders. At WE Life Sciences, in collaboration with SFPIM-FPIM, Sambrinvest and Investsud Tech, our mission is to accompany local heroes on their entrepreneurial journey of innovation. Together, we drive advancements in healthcare, making positive impact on patient’s lives.”

Ann Meulemans, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of AbolerIS Pharma said: “Together with 2Bridge, we recognized early on the game changing potential of Regulatory T cell therapy and CD45RC as a novel target. We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by investors, healthcare providers and the broader community. Guided by the visionary ‘Patients are waiting’ words of Dr. Paul Janssen, we are committed to advancing the groundbreaking scientific discoveries to the clinical stage as soon as possible.”

About AbolerIS Pharma

AbolerIS Pharma is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company focused on revolutionizing immunotherapy for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Through innovative antibody therapy targeting CD45RC, AbolerIS Pharma aims to restore immune balance and achieve long-lasting remission for patients with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Led by a team of reputable scientists, AbolerIS Pharma translates groundbreaking discoveries into tangible therapies, with an unwavering dedication to addressing patients’ needs.

Visit www.aboleris-pharma.com to learn more about our transformative approach to immunotherapy.

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