Sound Bioventures is a venture capital fund investing in about-to-be clinical and clinical stage private companies in Europe and the USA developing novel medicines that addresses unmet medical needs.
Sound Bioventures Fund I AB is a registered alternative investment fund, under the Swedish Alternative Investment Funds Managers Act.

Investment strategy and approach

Our investment and portfolio construction strategy builds on lessons learned and approaches perfected during the 13 years the founding team worked together. During this time, the team made over 40 investments, many of which were in clinical stage rare/orphan disease companies. We can lead, co-lead or follow.

Therapeutic area focus

We focus on specialty therapeutic areas and diseases with significant clinical unmet need. All modalities and therapeutic approaches are in scope. Medical devices and digital health approaches are out of scope. Also out of scope are investments that are, in our judgment, incremental innovation or a pureplay regulatory or pricing story.

Additionally, we want to make a difference for the company i.e. we will invest in companies, where it is possible for a private investor or venture syndicate to finance the R&D program all the way to an NDA.

Stage of company

We invest in about-to-be clinical and clinical stage companies where the investment will result in a clinical readout for the lead asset. Platform companies are also attractive, as long as the lead asset will get to a clinical readout with the financing.

Geographic footprint

We cover Scandinavia, the rest of Europe, and the USA. We believe companies need to be built with a global perspective in mind and in this virtual world, having people in different countries, or even continents, is becoming the norm.

Our Core Values


We show respect at all times
We act with integrity and always aim to do the right thing
Being reasonable builds long-term relationships


We work hard to deliver results for patients, our companies and our LPs
We are highly professional
We love what we do


Our combined experience is extensive – we have been there before
We trust our capabilities
We are supported by a strong and extensive network


We know our limitations
We know when to listen and when to ask questions
We are responsible stewards of our LP’s capital