Artax Biopharma

Read about Artax Biopharma and their journey developing a revolutionary therapy for autoimmune diseases that makes a meaningful difference in patients lives.

Artax Biopharma is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops novel treatments for autoimmune diseases.

The lead product, AX-158, is a first-in-class, oral small molecule that inhibits Nck’s binding to the T cell receptor (TCR).  Through this novel mechanism, it selectively modulates Nck’s amplification of the TCR signal, resulting in a lower T Cell activation and lower T Cell response.

Location: Cambridge, USA

Sound contact: Casper Breum (Board Director) and Ester Sklarsky (Board Observer)

News: Artax Biopharma Announces Positive Phase 1 Results for AX-158, Company’s First-in-Class Oral Immunomodulator Developed to Treat T Cell-Mediated Diseases

Old news: Artax expands their SAB with two experts in T-Cell-Mediated Diseases

Old news: 11 April 2022, Artax Biopharma Closes Financing to Advance Clinical Stage First-in-Class Oral Immunomodulator to Treat T Cell-Mediated Diseases

Read an interview with Joseph Lobacki, CEO: A patient-centric mission for life-changing autoimmune treatments



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